Western Sydney City Deal


The Western Sydney City Deal sets the investment foundation for the Western Parkland City to become a fully realised 21st-century city. The Implementation Plan outlines the roadmap for its delivery.

This City Deal, signed on 4 March 2018, brings together the Australian and New South Wales governments and the eight local councils in the Western Parkland City to deliver transformative change to the region over the next 20 years.

The three tiers of government are working collaboratively and contributing resources to deliver the 38 commitments within the City Deal and create quality outcomes for the Western Parkland City.

Integral to the City Deal is the development of the Western Parkland City, incorporating the existing metropolitan centres of Campbelltown, Liverpool and Penrith, together with Western Sydney Airport and the strategic centres of Richmond–Windsor, Katoomba, St Marys, Fairfield, Leppington and Narellan.

The City Deal is a collaborative approach to building and coordinating investment that will create world-class jobs and a great quality of life. It will transform the Western Parkland City into a highly-connected, innovative and economic powerhouse, characterised by enviable access to open space and lifestyle opportunities for residents to enjoy. 

This collaborative approach to building the Western Parkland City will realise the shared vision for Western Sydney more effectively.

The community is at the heart of decision-making and, by putting people first, the Western Parkland City will continue to thrive and build on what already makes it great.

The City Deal builds on the Australian Government’s $5.3 billion investment in the Western Sydney Airport, which will be a catalyst for economic activity and job growth, providing long-term employment opportunities for local residents and meeting Sydney’s growing aviation needs.




The 38 commitments were agreed to by the Australian and NSW governments and the eight local councils in the Western Parkland City under the Western Sydney City Deal.


A thriving future-focused city that is highly connected, innovative and liveable


  1. Realising the 30-minute city by delivering public transport for the Western Parkland City

  2. Creating 200,00 jobs by supercharging the Western Parkland City

  3. Skilling our residents in the region and initiating new education opportunities

  4. Respecting and building on local character, enhancing liveability and improving the quality of the local environment

  5. Innovative approaches to planning and delivery of housing

  6. Getting on with delivering the Western Parkland City through enduring tri-level governance



  • Deliver rail

  • Rapid bus services

  • Digital connectivity and smart technology

Jobs for the future

  • A world-class Aerotropolis

  • Investment and industry attraction

  • Expanding agribusiness opportunities

  • Support Indigenous business to thrive

  • More job opportunities

Education and Skills

  • Education and Skills

  • Building partnerships

Liveability and Environment

  • Amenity and liveability

  • Protect and preserve environmental assets and parkland character

  • Streamlined environmental approvals

  • Improve community health

Planning and housing

  • Housing package

  • A partnership approach to planning

  • Innovative planning for future infrastructure needs

Implementation and Governance

  • Enduring tri-government governance

  • Community partnership


Implementation Milestones and Key Performance Indicators


The 38 commitments of the City Deal are at various stages of design and delivery. Project milestones will be enhanced as commitments are further scoped. Progressive and updated milestones will be published in annual reports on the implementation of the Western Sydney City Deal.

As well as measuring inputs and processes, key performance metrics will enable an assessment of the value that the City Deal produces for residents of the Western Parkland City. The development of performance measures is an ongoing process that will evolve and adapt over time through experience and the emergence of new data. Longer-term milestones for certain projects will be determined subject to further planning.

Progress reports will be published annually and the progress and impact of the commitments delivered through the City Deal will be evaluated in 2021, three years after its signing.

The signing of the Western Sydney City Deal